RxCell is a biotechnology company focused on therapeutic applications of induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSC). We have developed several therapeutic grade iPSC line seed banks and are in the process of manufacturing a large Master Cell Bank to support our activities.

More recently, we have developed a strategy to create hypoimmunogenic iPSC lines that combine target Knock-out and Knock-in of genes to generate a universal cell line that can be used to manufacture differentiated cells for multiple therapeutic applications. In addition, we have developed a safe harbor technology that allows us to rapidly express markers, reporters, factors and therapeutic products that can be delivered to target locations for prolonged and sustained delivery of biologics. We have partnered with small and large pharma to move these therapeutic programs forward. Our current effort is focused on using iPSC-derived MSC as antigen and antibody delivery vehicles.

In addition to our efforts in the therapeutic domain, RxCell markets cells, media and other associated reagents for academic and drug discovery research through its XCell brand. Our primary focus there is to deliver Neural and retinal lineage cells for drug discovery and research use.